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Well Pump Installation in Connecticut

Your well pump can last up to 20 years if it’s installed properly and maintained regularly. Beacher McNeal Plumbing & Well Pump Service has been helping Connecticut homeowners for years by delivering the region’s best, most thorough well pump installation services. Your water supply affects every aspect of your life. Keep it flowing and keep it clean with an expert well pump installation by Beacher McNeal.

How Important is My Well Pump?

Your well pump is responsible for more than just delivering water from your well to your Connecticut home. It also regulates your home’s water pressure and prevents contaminants from entering your water supply. If your old pump has stopped working, you’ll notice right away. If it’s starting to show its age, you might be putting up with lower water pressure and lower-quality water than you need to. Contact Beacher McNeal Plumbing & Well Pump Service to learn how a new well pump can deliver fresher water and more of it, more efficiently than your old system can.

Do I Need a New Well Pump?

When well pumps go bad, they tend not to stop working all at once. They decline gradually. Connecticut well pumps put up with frigid winters and blazing summers, and those extremes tend to put extra wear and tear on a well-water system. If you’ve noticed any of these symptoms, you’ll want to start planning for a new well pump:

  • Your well pump frequently switches on and off for no apparent reason
  • You’ve noticed a sustained decrease in water pressure
  • Strange-tasing water
  • Sediment in your water
  • Unusual noises from your well pump or pressure tank
  • Your pump is leaking water

Our Process for Installing Connecticut Well Pumps

No two Connecticut properties are exactly alike, and that goes for their wells, too. That’s why we start each installation with a thorough analysis of your well and the fixtures it serves inside your home. We then calculate the estimated draw on your well at peak times, along with the maximum distance you need your water to travel from the well, to determine the best, most efficient well pump for your specific needs.

Once we agree on the right well pump for your Connecticut home, we turn our attention to your well, documenting it thoroughly before installing your new pump. We’ve worked on new wells and ones that are hundreds of years old. Each one presents a unique challenge when it comes to installing your new pump securely and efficiently. Once we’re done, we put your new pump to the test, making sure that it can handle your heaviest water demands. Before we go, we’ll walk you through each step we took, and will take time to show you exactly how to maintain your new well pump for maximum efficiency and longevity.

The Right Well Pump for your Connecticut Home

Choosing the right well pump is a crucial step of the process. Here are the three major factors that go into choosing the right well pump for your Connecticut property.

  1. Well depth. Wells that are dug out tend to be shallower than wells that are drilled. Shallower wells typically use ground-level jet pumps that operate by suction, pulling water to the surface. Deeper wells use submersible pumps that force water upward.
  2. Well casing diameter. In Connecticut, most new wells are drilled for six-inch casings. Older wells, though, might be as narrow as two inches.
  3. Water level. Water levels in Connecticut typically stand at around 300 feet below grade, but in some areas of the state you’ll need to go down 1,000 before reaching the water table. Your water level determines how far your pump will need to send the water it draws, which in turn has a lot to do with the specific kind of pump you need.

Beacher McNeal Plumbing & Well Pump Service is Ready to Help

If your water pump is showing its age, contact us today. In our years of experience, we’ve seen it all, and we’d love to help you enjoy cleaner, safer, more reliable water from your Connecticut well. After we learn about your well’s design and the issues you’ve been facing, we’ll send you a free, no-obligation quote for Connecticut’s leading well pump installation service. Gives us a call at 860-742-1638 and take the first step toward reclaiming the water you deserve.

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