Looking for Connecticut Plumbing Repairs and Replacement services? From toilet repairs to sink replacements, we can help.

Connecticut Water Tanks & Well Pumps

You already trust Beacher McNeal Plumbing and Well Pump Services for all your plumbing repairs in Connecticut. We’ve got the testimonials from customers like you who are taking the initiative to replace and repair problems by professionals instead of trying to “cover-up” the problem yourself. In our experience, if it seems like an easy fix, there could be further damage occurring just out of sight. Don’t let the fear of upgrading to new piping taking away the historic charm of your Andover home – we’re experienced with older homes and promise we will modernize the inner workings of your home while still maintaining its beauty.  It’s time to let our team start saving you money and allow you to take a shower without waiting for the hot water heater to slowly heat it up first.

If you’re building a new Connecticut home that requires the installation of a new plumbing system, or if it’s time to upgrade your current Connecticut property’s to be more cost-efficient and sustainable, our technicians are expertly trained in every pipe, fixture, and major brand. Our plumbers are capable of replacing all required piping while guaranteeing they will work efficiently with all other installations in the home.

Some of the Plumbing Repair Services we offer include:
  • Toilet replacements and installations. We’ll offer the most efficient, or luxury brands depending on your budget, install them, and ensure they’re working to the best of their ability. No more toilets that run forever and holding down the flusher to make sure everything goes down.
  • Kitchen and bathroom faucet replacements and installations. If you’re experiencing a dripping faucet and there isn’t a simple repair to fix it, we’ll offer the best replacement available to ensure you’re no longer watching your hard-earned money run down the drain.
  • Water softeners and filtration systems to save your family money while providing them clean water to drink.
  • Hot Water Heater replacements and installations. There’s no reason your home needs to still have an outdated hot water heater tank that’s costing you money even when you’re not running water. We’ll show you how upgrading your hot water heater can save your family money even in the short-term.
  • Well Pump installation and replacement. If your well pump tank is rusting on the outside, don’t ignore it - there’s a small chance that rust isn’t on the inside as well - and tainting the water your family is drinking.
  • We offer multiple services for your home renovation

We will also install sump pump plumbing, hookups for washing machines and dishwashers, and even the venting piping in your home. If something requires plumbing, the team at Beacher McNeal has the tools to get it done correctly the first time.

Call (860) 742-1638 today for an in-home consultation. Your expert plumbers at Beacher McNeal will provide professional services with honest fees to guarantee your experience is as flawless as possible – and your pipes will thank you.

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